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Nishant KumarNishant Kumar

Having an industry experience of more than 5 Years, Nishant leads the team for theindustrytoday. He is considered as a veteran in the field of Science and Technology. His job is to help the team get their job done. In his spare time, Nishant likes doing research on latest happenings around his field of interest.
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Priyank ParikhPriyank Parikh

Exhibiting immense interest in the healthcare industry, Priyank has been writing articles pertaining to the healthcare and medical domains for over five years. His forte lies in writing in-depth, analytical, and insightful articles on a wide range of topics, such as medical devices, smart and connected devices, healthcare IT, telemedicine, and Biotechnology. Priyank possesses a great sense of news and his nose for the latest trends gives him an edge over those in the field.
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Sameer KotakSameer Kotak

Being the tech freak and nerd of the team, Sameer is always ready with a solution with his big glasses sliding down the nose. Expert in the Business technologies domain with 7 Years of experience, Sameer has the bug of debugging any problem when it is related to the realm of Business. Even in his free time, you will find Sameer with his head dug deep into his laptop.
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