How Technology Is Making Phuket Beaches Safer and Smarter

Phuket is an island off the southeast coast of Thailand, and it has become noted across the world for its vibrant resorts, azure seas and some of the best beaches to be found anywhere. Resorts such as Patong and Katathani bring tourists from across Thailand, America, and beyond, and many of them will enjoy relaxing on golden sands or diving in the Andaman Sea. These are timeless activities, but in recent years they have been transformed by the latest technological advances, for technology is making the beaches and seas of Phuket safer and smarter than ever before.

Phuket Beaches Safer and Smarter

Location Tracked Diving

Phuket is globally renowned for the excellent diving opportunities it offers, and once in the sea divers can see some of the world’s most beautiful and spectacular species of fish. Of course, diving is even more fun when the participants know that they’re safe and secure at all times, which is why Phuket has taken the lead and introduced smart wristband technology for divers. These wristbands have to be worn to gain access through ticketing points and on to the piers and the boats waiting by them. It supports cashless payments, for added convenience, but it also includes a tracking device which means that any diver in difficulty can quickly be found and brought to safety.

Face Recognition Cameras

Phuket, and Thailand as a whole, is one of the friendliest locations on earth, but the authorities certainly aren’t resting on their laurels. Over the last year, Phuket Province has embarked upon the installation of over 3,000 security cameras that feature the latest face recognition technology. This can be used to instantly spot known criminals, and even more importantly, to act as a very visible deterrent to people who may have been thinking of carrying out a crime. This technology will also be used to control traffic management solutions, and the aim is to bring environmental benefits to the island as well as reducing traffic congestion.

Beach Clearing

Plastic pollution is one of the major problems facing our planet today, with beaches on all continents being subjected to a rising tide of discarded plastic. Phuket has made great advances in removing plastic from its beaches and recycling it, which is great news for the environment and for holidaymakers. It means that visitors can stay at a luxurious beachfront apartment Phuket, provided by specialists in this field such as Angsana Beachfront Residences, and look out onto a spectacular view unspoiled by man.

The clean beaches of Phuket show the commitment of this Thai island and its authorities to a greener way of life. This is also one of the aims of their face recognition security cameras, and the introduction of location tracking wristbands for divers is yet another progressive move on the island. One of the major attractions of Phuket, alongside its beaches, clubs, and bars is its breath-taking collection of ancient Buddhist temples and statues, but Phuket today is an island where ancient monuments and buildings can sit side by side with the very latest technology in perfect harmony.

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