One Drive Automatic Folder Protection Now Available For All Windows 10 Users

Google has just introduced the Google One service as a part of rebranding and offering more storage plans and options to users. Now, Microsoft has also introduced a new update to ensure that all of the user’s important documents and files are backed up well, with the introduction of ‘Known Folder Move’. The folder protection feature ensures that the users can synchronize their desktop, pictures and documents folders. Users with multiple Windows 10 PCs can also use this feature, where it will sync the user’s folders and documents across the multiple machines.

The feature has been available to business users since June this year; however, it has now been rolled out on a wider scale to all the OneDrive users. Reports however suggest that the feature was available to all users since last year, but now it features a cleaner and simpler interface. The users can enable the Known Folder Move by navigating their OneDrive settings and selecting the Auto Save tab to select the folders that the users want protected. A few points to note are that OneDrive does not save files with size larger than 20GB, so some very large files may not be backed up. Also, OneDrive does not accept Outlook database files as well as OneNote files. Whether the feature is new or old, this is an easy way to back up and sync your most critical files and folders.

Meanwhile, Apple introduced the macOS 10.14 Mojave at the WWDC 2018, which is the 2018 version of the macOS. Now, the public beta has also been launched, and with it, speculations of an actual release date as well as the various features that will be available have also gathered full steam. The likely release date is supposed to be around September or October this year, and it will be free. The installation will require 14.3GB of hard disk space, and the update will include features such as Dark Mode, Stacks, and Gallery View. The Markup feature will be implemented in both Quick Look and Screenshots. Also, essential iOS apps will be making their way on to the macOS, such as News, Stocks, Home and Voice Memo. Also, the Security has been upgraded for better protection to the file system as well as Safari browser. Also, there will be the introduction of a new Mac App Store.

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