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Nepal Seeks To Attract East Indian Outbound Travel Operators

India is a rapidly rising star on the world stage. The world’s most populous democracy is an important nation whose geopolitical stature is only likely to grow with time. The meteoric rise of the post-colonial Indian economy owes a lot to the manner in which they handled their transition from a colony of the British Empire to a sovereign nation with its own trade and economic policies.

Nepal Seeks To Attract East Indian Outbound Travel Operators

With rapid economic growth, and the slow transition from a developing country to a developed one. There has been a corresponding rise in the number of middle-class Indian citizens. These citizens are expected to contribute a significant portion of the $56 billion that the Indian outbound travel market is projected to be worth by 2020.

NTB Promotion

The Nepalese Tourist Board is so eager to capture a bigger slice of this market that they have organized a promotional event, targeted at Indian outbound travel businesses. As per the accompanying press release, the purpose of the promotional drive is to raise awareness amongst Indian travel companies of the opportunities that exist for their travelers within Nepal’s borders.

Indian tour operators themselves have been asking the NBT to work with them on promotional events that can be offered to travelers. The NTB has been all too happy to oblige, however, and has put together a presentation that shows off the most significant cultural, natural and historical sites in Nepal.

A World of Opportunities

They were also eager to highlight the multifaceted nature of the Nepalese tourism market, which means that the opportunities for outbound travel operators are many and varied. For example, a mainstay of Nepalese tourism has long been spirituality. Many people come to Nepal for the Buddhist culture and the deep-seated spirituality of the region.

Other people travel to Nepal in order to conquer Mount Everest; the mountain is a major source of revenue for the Nepalese Kingdom. Or there are the increasingly popular luxury holidays that aim to give travelers a normally unattainable level of luxury for the duration of their stay.

Number One Contributor

India is the single biggest contributor of tourists to Nepal every year, so ties between the nations are already important and strong. However, the NTB likely recognizes that the changing demographics of India will lead to a different approach to travel. A growing middle class with more disposable income is excellent news for the businesses and nations that get to hoover up those newly freed up tourist dollars.

According to official Nepalese statistics, the nation welcomed 200,438 tourists from India by air alone. This represents a 25% rise over the previous year and 2019 is shaping up to be very similar.

Tourism between India and Nepal has long been an important component of both national economies. These kinds of close travel ties will inevitably bring both sides closer together and the eagerness of the NBT to bring in Indian tourists is about much more than just money. However, the opportunities on offer for Indian outbound travel operators are endless.