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Elon Musk: Apple Is The Tesla Graveyard

Recently, it has been noticed that Apple is giving better opportunity and better pay scale to the employees of Tesla; this trend has been there for quite an amount of time since, both Apple and Tesla hunt for the same kind of talent in the field of batteries, mechanical engineers, software, supply chain management, and executives. This has taken to a situation where a lot of employees switch from one company to the other. But this year the flow of employees is more inclined towards the Apple as they have poached around 46 employees from Tesla.

Back in 2015, Tesla founder and CEO said that Apple is the graveyard of Tesla, as we all are familiar with the erratic behavior of Elon, as Apple has started off with their hiring and they are poaching of ex-employees of Tesla for a variety of projects with a substantial increase in pay scale from the previous work place.

A spokesperson from the Tesla said this was the primary reason behind the surged attrition rate and said that Tesla wishes them all the best for their future endeavors. They said later that Tesla has 100 times less money than Apple and Tesla are going through a difficult time battling to auto companies that make 100 times more cars than us, so this is a hard place to work and sustain for a longer period.

LinkedIn has also shown that 46 employees of Tesla have switched their work place from Tesla to Apple after they all have updated their profiles. Apple is hiring mostly for the Project Titan, which is in house project of Apple’s car, for which they are looking forward to the employees who have a similar work experience in the autonomous vehicle. And one of the primary reason why the employees have taken a switch to the Apple is that it is the first company to achieve the USD 1 trillion, it would be great to be associated with the company said most of the employees.