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Glowing Streak Of Meteor Seen Over The Alabama Sky Captured By NASA’s Cameras


On the Friday morning, many people in the southeastern part of the United States saw some kind of a cosmic show in the sky, which was indeed a treat for the eyes. The show was in fact created by meteors, and while there have been other such incidences in the past as well, this time it was unbelievably bright. The fireball meteor which was actually streaked above the sky in Alabama was observed by the people on Aug 17 at nearly 1:19 a.m. ET, which left the viewers from that part of the country in complete awe of this rare incident.

This meteor fireball was bright, really bright. And if compared to our very own satellite Moon on a night of Full Moon, the brightness quotient is at least 40 times more, which is huge by all means. This was actually caused by a really small asteroid, so small that the radius of the same was nearly 1 meter, according to a Facebook post by the space organization.

It is also being said that some of the pieces of the meteor might have made it to the ground possibly, which are called as meteorites, but the fact that the small chunks did so making their way through the atmosphere is still highly unclear.

According to the reports from the American Meteor Society also known as AMS, as many as 44 people saw this meteor from the ground on the Friday morning. According to the AMS, this is not as rare as it is perceived by the people. IT said that this happens almost every day, as the fact of the fireballs entering the Earth’s atmosphere is very common, it’s just that the people never get to see it often. This is mainly because most of the times, these meteors streak over the oceans or over some other areas which are far from the cities.