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Restorers Found The Prototype Of Ford Shelby GT500 After Half Century

Though, it is not imaginable that how can one lose a complete car, but in reality it happened even to the valuable and rare car prototype such as the  Ford Shelby GT500 EXP of 1967, which was lost of almost half-century.

A lot of individuals have thought of it to be demolished after the completion of the testing, but it has been recently found and the restorers of the care require the assistance from the people to complete the blank spots to understand that where it was in all these days.

The big block Shelby that was also called the Little Red and it was developed by the Shelby and Ford American to have a supercharger of Paxton. Ultimately, it was the model of the Mustang California Special in 1968.

CEO, Craig Jackson, Barrett-Jackson, was among the team who found the “little red” in the rural region of North Texas March and confirmed that the Car is actually the last model of its series. It was stacked by its owner at that location for the last 20 years. However, the restorers have used the serial number of Shelby that unfortunately led them nowhere; the team managed to get their hands on the original Ford VIN number and tracked the details of its owner.

Following the initial contact with the owner of the last model on social media in February, the owner of the Little Red agrees to meet with the Billups in Dallas, Texas.

The restorers, however, got the access to the place, where the last model was placed for last 20 years. The team asks for the access to the full history of the car and invites the people to submit their stories, photos, and experience of the Little Red.

The restorers are hoping to get the complete prototype of priceless Shelby GT500 EXP.