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“Friends” Top Show Streaming In UK

The popular US television show Friends has topped the charts as UK’s most viewed streaming series. It has surpassed the recent shows in its popularity. Friends had officially ended 14 years ago but the characters from the show are loved till date. The UK chapter of Netflix added the show in its viewing list in the month of January. In three months, it was telecast twice as much as its supposed rival The Grand Tour which is being streamed on Amazon. Although the streaming services usually don’t declare their viewing numbers but this survey has been announced by Ofcom, a television watchdog.

The result is based on a survey of about 2500 television lovers and it covers the popular shows on subscribed streaming services. Netflix is spending so much on producing original series but still, it is surprising that a program which was started in 1994 and ended in 2004 has emerged as the winner. The show’s popularity may be attributed to its fan following. Viewers started binge watching of the show as soon as it was added to the UK Netflix.

Amidst the happiness among Friends fans, there were a section of viewers who found the show and its humor a bit outdated. As expressed by a writer that she just cannot comprehend the ageing of the program but still she loves the show with all its unpalatable scenes and situations. Actor Jennifer who played the role of Rachel in the show said that she dreams about a remake of Friends. Along with Netflix, it is also being telecast on Comedy Central. The channel started a live touring fest with the show and it got super success with that too. Here, the fans can enjoy the entertaining replicas of Central Park and residences of show’s characters. Most of the fans want a remake or sequel of the show. They are curious as to what happened to their favorite characters further in life.