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Study: Treatment Of Depression In Teen Is Also Treating Their Parents

As per a new research, the finding shows that improvement in a teen that is experiencing depression shows a positive impact on the health of their parents as well.

As per the national institute of Mental health, in the United States, approximately 12.8% of youngsters do have an at least one instance in its life which has become the root cause of development of depression in them. Based on the earlier study the fact came out that the depression in teens has sourced from the depression of their parents.

But as per the new study, the findings are showing a completely different relation that when the teens are getting treatment for their depression, it has a positive impact on parents’ health.

We generally consider that depression has an impact on an individual. But as per a psychiatry professor, Myrna Weissman, Columbia University, says “Depression impacts the family.”

The professor has studied the depression for years in various families. She says, “We have found that the new-born has a high rate of depression if the mother is experiencing depression.”

Prior to and after the completion of the research, the people involved in the study as well reviewed one parent of every single teen for the depression symptoms. The information demonstrated that prior to the beginning of kid’s treatment; around 25% of parents among all the participants were facing severe depression.

She says, “We have noticed that the depression symptoms in the parents as well decreased during the treatment of their kid.” She discovered that the improvement is parents is directly associated with the improvement in the kids.

She says, “We are social animals, we live in families have a social network, and a huge portion of our health, our excitement, and feeling of loneliness is influenced with the people around us and our relationship with them.”