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JioPhone Dominates The Indian Mobile Market

JioPhone by Reliance Retail surfaced as an apparent leader in the mobile handset market of India with 27% share in the quarter two of this year, a new report claimed this week. JioPhone has given rise to a new sector in India, dubbed as the Fusion phones sector.

“Fusion” phones have 4G connectivity with feature phone form factor and might have a closed applications ecosystem allowing restricted smart functions for consumers, a report by CMR (CyberMedia Research) claimed.

“The Q2 of 2018 witnessed the entrance of Fusion handsets as a distinct sector. Although it is majorly boosted by JioPhone, Indian brands such as Lava and Micromax are also exporting in smaller quantities,” claimed Lead Analyst at CMR, Narinder Kumar, to the media in an interview. Almost 1 in 4 mobile phones is now being made in India at a CKD (completely knocked-down) level.

“In quarter two of 2018, there are two trends highlighting short-term turmoil. First is the effect of Jio’s troublesome monsoon deal resulting to variable requirement projection estimations for all major phone companies. Second is the abilities of smaller companies to turn to CKD production and maintain levels of production with their personal SMT lines,” claimed Head at CMR, Prabhu Ram, to the media.

Reliance was chased by Samsung at 17.2% share of the market. “In a first for mobile phone companies in India, mobile phone shipments are set to breach a 300 Million mark by the end of this year and smartphones will outshine Fusion phones and feature phones collectively by end of 2020,” the report claimed.

Speaking of Reliance, the company launched one more offer for its users. In the newest offer, the firm is providing 2 GB of 4G Internet data each day to its prepaid consumers. The offer launches as an ad-on to current data plan since it is being offered as a top-up.