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Everyday Plastics Are Degrading While Emitting Polluted Greenhouse Gases

We all know the amount of plastic pollution that is happening around the globe and the harmful effects of the same as plastic do not easily decompose. The countries across the globe have started banning the use of single-use-plastic because of the same reason as the pollution is getting uncontrollable with the oceans as well getting polluted on a large level. But it seems that there is more to the story. It was observed that the plastics that are most commonly produced actually emit the greenhouse gases in the environment as they start degrading, which is another point of concern.

This is a very complex problem as it is very difficult to replace plastic too soon and doing things without plastic is a huge challenge as well as it is needed in many things from basic food packaging to construction materials as well as the lenses and other things. These plastics that are used in the aforementioned factors are degraded naturally from the environmental factors such as heat, moisture, light and chemical oxidization as well.

When these plastics change, they exhibit some chemical changes as well that put ethylene and methane into the atmosphere, and these can have some real adverse effects on the health of the people. In addition to this, the polyethylene bags which are generally used for shopping and other things, contribute the most in the emission of these greenhouse gases that are hazardous in many ways. They are also the most produced and also the most discarded type of plastics in the entire world, making the problem even bigger.

Speaking of plastic and the pollution caused by it, the campaign against the use of plastics is slowly reaching new heights which is compelling many people in the industry to take some firm decisions. In one such case, some local restaurants in North Carolina are phasing out the plastic straws as well in order to contribute to the movement.