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Applying Sanitizer Will Be Of No Help Soon As More And More Bacteria Are Getting Tolerant To It

The use of the sanitizers is growing largely in the past few years in not only the households but also in the industries for multiple obvious reasons. This alcohol-based liquid is nothing but a kind of disinfectant, which helps significantly in battling with certain type of bacteria. While the rates of certain infections are dropped after the use of these sanitizers, the case is not the same with all of the infections caused due to the influence of bacteria. Not just that, it is observed that some infections actually went up after the use of these sanitizers.

Particularly the enterococcal infections were seen going up, which are caused by particular type of bacteria that affect the bladder, heart, the digestive tract and some other parts of the human body as well. Many people in many countries across the world were seen with an increase in this type of an infection. These bacteria called enterococci usually contribute for nearly 10 percent of the total bacterial infections.

These bacteria are also a leading cause of sepsis which is a type of blood infection that is dominant in the regions like Europe and North America. The researchers have found out that alcohol is the cause of these problems. The bacteria are becoming more and more tolerant to the alcohol that is present in these sanitizers. Not only that, these bacteria that are getting tolerant to alcohol are resistant to a certain number of drugs as well which accounts for another huge concern.

Speaking of bacteria and their effects, there are more bacteria than we already know that can be beneficial in many ways. It was recently observed in a study that a high fiber diet and gut bacteria can reverse the harmful effects caused by too much stress among other benefits as well.