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WhatsApp Is Offering An End-To-End Encrypted Group Voice Calls

WhatsApp has included a much-demanded feature and it allows the users to have a group video and voice calls.

It has been only 3 years since the company started its functioning that is now under the banner of Facebook, which has incorporated voice calls and then video call alternative after a year. Recently, WhatsApp has a record of having more than 1.5B users and the company says that they tend to make the calls of 2B minutes every day.

From this week, users are able to add friends by tapping the button labeled add participant, which displays on the top right corner of the screen. Users can add 4 members at once for the call, as per WhatsApp the calls are also end-to-end encrypted.

And offering an encrypted service is not at all an easy thing to do. Telegram, a self-proclaimed secured messaging application, hasn’t even achieved the encryption for the group messages.

When it comes to encryptions, WhatsApp in association with the WhisperSystems secured all the calls and messages on its platform. The connection between the two become a little more intriguing following the act of co-founder of WhatsApp, Brian Acton, who donated $50M from his wealth which he received from the acquisition with the Facebook, to an organization named Signal foundation, which is also associated with WhisperSystems.

Acton, last year itself has ended its tenure with Facebook, following it this year the co-founder said users to delete their social media accounts for its privacy and data screw-ups. He then joined by Jan Koum, another co-founder of WhatsApp, who took a leave from Facebook in May 2018.

Same as Acton, Koum was annoyed by some of the scams like Cambridge Analytics. However, for quitting the job he has some different reasons like, he said, “I will do things which I like outside of the technology stuff, like working on my car, playing Frisbee and more.