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Google Is Offering A Version Of Chrome Which Supports VR Web Browsing

The movement was first started with Kindle when the device offers and ability to the world of enjoying the romantic novels without facing any sort of public embarrassment. Now, Google has participated in the movement and offering privacy to a user while browsing the web with the assistance of virtual reality by offering Daydream VR headset and chrome browser.

Chrome is now accessible from the VR platform, which conveys the dream of web browsing on your face. Now the users need not limit their viewing habits just because there are people around them. Users are now able to gaze at anything they want on long-hour flights. You just need to put on your headphones to maintain the privacy.

The new version of Chrome has landed in the Google Play store as an update, is a browser with all the facilities and has all important feature of Chrome like Incognito mode for sure, in addition to the voice search and syncing functionality of Chrome. However, the daydream headset has a controller in it; the browser is able to take benefit of the handy device.

Google shared earlier that the Chrome will soon come to the VR platform, so this is the most expected update. However, there are few features which will be added in the future that will help in enhancing the browsing experience through VR devices.

The Daydream headset of Google is itself is very comfortable, it will be very hard for the user to resist it and avoid enjoying your favorite drink and snack while experiencing their favorite movie.

For example, cinema mode is the one that is on its way to join the feature-list, which is most probably help to make the favorite motion pictures bigger and better. People have reached out to Google to get into more details about the future update for its VR platform.