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Firefox Is Getting A New Set Of Logos: Masterbrand And Auxiliary Logo

Mozilla says that the logo or some of the changes in between the two has been the logo of Mozilla since the beginning and it’s time for something new.

Tim Murray, Creative Director, Mozilla, in a blog post on topic evolving the Firefox brand, outlines the thinking of company. Firefox is not just a browser now. With additional associated projects like Firefox Reality, Firefox Rocket, the company is getting its requirement a little more space for its designing language.

In the meantime, the company has shared some of the options of logos which has the potential and is now in-progress; they were fast to make a note that none of them are yet finalized. The company will customize the things as time passed, or just start drawing the logo from scratch.

The whole discussion might seem like not having any base for now, and it is intentional, as the process is in their early days. But, nevertheless Firefox will soon be going to have a new logo, or we can assume fewer new logos.

The works by the designers are demonstrated in two potential manners, each one is composed of a Masterbrand logo and 11 additional logos. The Masterbrand is designed with a plan of using for repressing the brand, however, the additional logos are going to use to represent individual product under the Firefox brand.

The company has an option of selecting among the 2 systems, and they even can go with something completely different options than the one represented here. A lot of people have liked the current logo of Firefox and among 2 options, one has the properties which majorly shows like that the logo set is more like an upgraded version of existing one, instead of a complete change.

The company stated the shift in the branding of the product will come along with the change in next few months.