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Smoking Ban In Public Houses By New York Housing Authority

At least theoretically, we can say that New York City has become a smoke-free city. In the 1980s, the officials have ban cigarette smoking in various public places like bars and restaurants including selected public parks which was legal previously. The public houses were excluded till Monday, but the Mental & Health Hygiene Department and Housing Authority of New York held an initiative in order to improve clean and breathable air for the people living in NYCHA buildings. So, from today, public housing will be considered smoke-free. It is said to be illegal if someone smokes cigarettes, pipes, cigars, hookahs and e-cigars within a 25 feet area of NYCHA apartments.  According to a new law, if someone is found smoking in a restricted region of NYCHA building, he/she is held for an informal meeting with a written acceptance signed if they violate this rule within a year. NYCHA can also terminate the lease of such people violating the rules.

A NYCHA spokesperson demand for not terminating their leases, as the proceedings for termination can take many months, and if a tenant proves that they won’t violate their lease. A resident of NYCHA told in a recent video that, it is the toughest rule to follow. As many people already smoke in their own houses, we can’t put a full stop on this because there are so many other things going on in Brownsville currently. The federal prosecutors said that there are so many other issues which need more attention like repairs, rodents, cracks in walls and lead paints, so the Housing Authority should look after that first. Due to such issues in buildings, many children, disabled people and senior citizens have found them locked in elevators which were left unrepaired. They said the inspectors should work and cover those repairs rather than caring for residents by banning cigarette smoking.