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How NASA Was Built Out Of Panic Over 60 Years Ago

The space agency of the United State i.e. National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s origin can be traced back from the period of Wright brothers but the origin of iconic space agency can be explained briefly in the period of 1950s when President Eisenhower officially created the agency with the stroke of his pen. But before that decision there were months of anxiety, brainstorming about the idea of creating such a space agency, and ready for the repercussions from the establishments were considered.

On the July 29, 1958, exactly 60 years ago when President Eisenhower signed the law for paving and creating the way for the National Aeronautics and Space Agency. However, earlier it was not planned at all to create a space agency for America but after the shocking revelation on Oct 1957, that Soviet Union had shown the power of their by launching the first Artificial Satellite, Sputnik on anIntercontinental ballistic missile and USSR were claiming to be the first one to establish the Earth’s second moon.

It was the early stage of the Cold War, and with that USSR has bolstered their capability of performing a space mission, it was not the achievement made by the Soviet which the USA was concerned and had anxiety about it, it was its implications on the military which has raised the eye bros of the US Government. The primary reason behind was that if any country has the capabilities and resources to launch a mission like this and demonstrate their achievement, then for sure it also has the capability of making and launching a thermonuclear bomb easily against any country.

This fear and anxiety over the USA intensified when after a couple of months of launch made by the USSR’s first mission another mission which was heavier than the first was successfully launched carrying a dog named Laika.

By the time President Eisenhower made a public statement for the attempt to create an America’s civilian Space Agency NASA.