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What Will The Humans Eat Before Colonizing On Mars?

We are already preparing for the missions which will land over the mars in some years. But the main question is—what will the humans eat if they colonize over marks permanently? After settling down over there permanently, the main challenge for colonizers will be producing the food for eating because supplying the food from the earth will practically not be possible because of the heavy costs. The humans over there will have to stop relying completely on the shipped material and develop the methods for agricultural techniques of their own. Recently, liquid water was discovered over its surface which has raised the hopes about the survival of humans over the planet and also the hope for growing food. The research suggests using microbes as food source. Hydroponic Greenhouses along with other environmental systems which are controlled can be used to grow the crops. The similar systems are being tested in the space stations. A completely different perspective based over the usage of synthetic biology for upgrading the quality of performance of the lives of planes on the surface of mars.

The Synthetic Biology field combines the principles of engineering, computer science, and DNA Science to impart newly improved functions into the organisms. Even if the red planet is similar to our earth in some ways, it also differs from us in a couple of ways. The gravity over the red planet is one-third of the earth and the sunlight reaching the surface is just the half of us. But even if the sunlight over there is just the half of us, the intensity of harmful UV is much higher along with the cosmic rays. Average temperature over the surface is around -60oC and its thin atmosphere consists of CO2 primarily. The soil of the Mars consists of regolith which is a material which contains chemicals. Those chemicals are toxic for humans.