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In France And Germany, Soccer Reveals The Racist Hypocrisies Of Europe

After the World Cup, the national football teams of Germany and France are at the center of the renewed debate on national identity, race, and assimilation, highlighting the unstable situation in which many first-generation and non-white immigrants’ people are habitats in the west.

On Sunday, player Mesut Ozil made a series of powerful and painful messages on social networks that he would leave German team owing to ill-treatment and racism by sponsors, German media, and the German Football Association (DFB). The essence of his decision was the influence of Germany on the photo of Ozil during his visit to London in May with Recep Tayipp Erdogan, Turkish President. German media commentators called the photo a big success for the debate on integration. Ozil, who was born in Germany and is of Turkish origin, and also was in the German team that won the 2014 World Cup, told German Football Association and the media accused him and his double descent for Germany’s displeased performance at the World Cup this year.

It is illogical to judge against black and African happiness and pride, to see the success of players with the ideology of white supremacists and racists. However, for the country that claims, not see the race, in 2011; it was the French coach, Laurent Blanc, who allegedly supported the plan of imposing restrictions on black and Arab players.

True integration ensures the responsibility of the cultural majority for ensuring equal treatment. Integration means that the political structures and majority culture should be put an end to inequity in the opportunities. True integration means that immigrants and their children do not have to sing the national anthem every time, and must win international championships for getting eligible to get called as Belgian, French, and German.