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Mega Win Of A Whopping $522 Million From Mega Million Ticket

The Mega Million ticket that matched six numbers was sold at San Jose, California with a win of $522 million.

The11th largest lottery prize in the US was sold in California, in a liquor store. The win is also the fifth-largest for Mega Millions, a lottery game that has many interested participants.

A great number of people gathered around the place, on the announcement of the mega win, as astonished men celebrated in Ernie’s Liquors in California.

The winning numbers drawn were numbers 1, 2, 4, 19, and 29. 20 was the Mega Ball. On Tuesday night the jackpot amount just clambered up. The amount has been rising since May 8th and it took 22 draws to reach it.

The excitement was in the air as people became more involved in the drawing, with winning possibilities getting closer.

The prize amount just kept increasing. It was $10 million and jumped up to $512 million and then surged up to $522 million. It was just a matter of a couple of hours, for the entire action to take place.

This is the fifth-largest win in Mega Millions, says an official from D.C. Lottery.

Five white balls were matched by eight tickets for the second prize. The tickets which cost just $2 are bought by many enthusiasts in lottery winning.

Though no individual winner has been identified as yet, it is said that a single winner would get $308 million, if it is taken as a lump sum.

This year has seen two more winners win the Mega Millions, creating history. In January, it was a win of $451 million, while in April it was a jackpot of $533 million.

The next draw is scheduled for July 27th, Friday and the attraction is drawing many, to the lottery game. The jackpot will be restored to $40 million. The lump sum will also be reset at $23.6 million.