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Chrome To Flag Insecure Websites

Amidst the ambiance that is jammed with numerous cases of security breaches, Chrome has initiated a positive step to get a firm control over the loopholes.

After the latest update, the users will be able to identify the insecure websites in a jiffy, as Chrome will be flagging those. The websites which don’t incorporate HTTPS will be the first to be flagged. Various sites have already switched to a version that complies with the data transfer protocol of the internet. On the other hand, 20% of the top websites are still using HTTP or HyperText Transfer Protocol, which lacks S or Secure. Once the websites switch to a secured version, the users will be protected against data hijacking and theft as data gets encrypted before it travels.

Some of the renowned websites of the UK like Boohoo, Argos, and Sky Sports have not yet adopted the secured version of HTTP.

The insecure websites will be flagged as these don’t give any endeavor to scramble the pieces of information that are being transferred between the users and the website. The web security expert, Troy Hunt, has acquired data from numerous sources that reveal that more than 50% of the websites have not yet switched over to HTTPS which is the recommended version. He has even created a website that lists the name of the web pages which are not utilizing HTTPS. The Daily Mail is one such website that has not incorporated the security measure on its website, in spite of being the busiest site.

On the other hand, the principal web page of BBC News uses HTTPS but the other pages like BBC America and a few others don’t encrypt data provided by the users.

Currently, Chrome will be flagging the ones that are not using HTTPS. However, the other browser firms are about to follow the suit soon.