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Optiemus Planning To Roll Out More BlackBerry Handsets In India

The company that makes BlackBerry handsets for the Indian market, Optiemus Infracom, aimed to align new devices all over different price points in the months to come. This follows as the firm seeks to recover lost ground in opposition to rivals such as Xiaomi, Samsung, and others.

The firm is also developing its communication campaign to underline the privacy functions provided by BlackBerry handsets. This will be done as an effort to woo users in the middle of increasing concerns around security and privacy of personal information.

“We are seeking at presenting new models all over different price points and we are attempting to make them more competitive (cost-wise). We have a long dream here,” Hardip Singh, Executive Director at Optiemus Infracom, claimed to the media in an interview.

Optiemus Infracom has a distribution and manufacturing partnership with BlackBerry for neighboring markets including India.

“The significance of a Blackberry is very much elevated today than it was 10 Years ago because nowadays you are doing more than just talking. You employ handsets for banking, social networking, photographs, and personal data. The requirement to keep all this data secure and private is much more elevated,” Singh claimed.

He claimed that the firm’s campaign is going to aim on security and privacy of data since this is what makes a Blackberry odd man out.

Being a leading company in the handset section earlier, BlackBerry grappled to vie in opposition to global rivals such as Apple and Samsung. It then decided to license its brand to handset maker, Optiemus and TCL.

On a similar note, the firm recently launched the BlackBerry KEY2 handset in India. BlackBerry KEY2 is the heir of the BlackBerry KEYOne handset launched last year. The handset will be exclusively available and has a price tag of Rs 42,990, as per the official website.