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Scientists Carry Out 3D Color X-Ray For The First Time Ever

We have been watching some significant upgradations and innovations in many fields and many devices but when it comes to the X-ray, it seems like the limit has already been reached, as we are using the same technique since long. But no! Scientists from New Zealand are all set to change that perception. Recently, the scientists carried out the 3D color X-ray, for the first time ever, which is certainly a breakthrough in the medical diagnostics field.

This new device developed by the scientists is based on the same conventional black and white X-ray. The device is based on the particle-tracking technology, which was developed for the Hadron Collider at the CERN lab and used for discovery of the Higgs Boson particle, back in 2012. This device produces the X-ray pictures at a much better accuracy and quality as well.

The technology dubbed medipix actually operates like a camera and keeps the shutter open till the subatomic particles have a collision with the pixels. This creates pictures that are high in contrast as well as high in resolution. The images obtained can illustrate the difference between muscle, bone, and cartilage very clearly.

It can also help in easily understanding the position of the cancerous tumors as well, along with their size; which is indeed a remarkable thing as far as diagnosis is concerned. This technology is now being made commercial as well by the company Mars Bioimaging, based in New Zealand.

Speaking of medical diagnosis, another technology called 3D printing can help make things easier for the medical experts. For instance, the 3D modeling of the human brain can help in understanding the size as well the condition of tumors that may be present, thus improving the overall diagnosis as well.