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Apple Re-Structures Its Sales Division In India After Poor Sales Of iPhone In 2018’s First Half

The time is critical for Apple in India, as the sales of its iPhones is slowing down and the company is struggling hard to push its market share above a single digit figure. In addition, the company has also lost its 3 important executives thus leaving Apple bleeding into the battle field. The sad thing is, Apple is facing the situation in the world’s third largest smartphone market.

Post the departure of those key executives, Apple is restructuring all of the sales division, throughout the nation. Apple has already been under pressure from very long because of the bulky tariffs, which are put over iPhones that increase their prices by almost 20%. The increased prices of the iPhones thus force the consumers to opt for lower-priced competitors, which majorly include Samsung and Chinese giant Xiaomi. To counter this problem, Apple also played a card of manufacturing the phones locally in India and adopted the strategy of remarketing those older models as it did with iPhone 6s and iPhone SE. But the strategy is not yet seen to be making any significant difference in the situation.

Interestingly, the model iPhone SE is still floated to the market by the company at a price of $375, which has a couple of alternative options with the better features in the same price range. The high-priced phones by Apple find it hard to survive into the price-sensitive market like India. Last year in 2017, reports say that Apple was able to sell just 3 million phones throughout the year. The company reportedly holds the market share of just 2%. On the contrary, Tim Cook announced the growth in the revenue by 20% in India but also claimed that Apple cannot increase its market share unless it cuts down the prices, but doing so will undermine its values.