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Blue whale—An Endangered Species Was Killed Using A Harpoon In Iceland

A whaling company of Iceland was charged for killing a blue whale brutally which received a strong condemnation and anger from the committee of marine life conservation. The campaigners of Animal Rights took the pictures of the dead whale saying that it was killed using a harpoon on July 8 along the Iceland’s west coast.

The samples of the whale’s body were taken by the experts, but they were unable to say whether it was a rarely seen blue whale or a hybrid one. The CEO of this whaling company, Kristjan Loftson, says that he is so much confident about the results that it was a commonly found hybrid whale. He adds, we can’t make any mistake in determining the whale and the dead whale was surely a hybrid one as they had noticed a fin moving. When they killed and inspected the whale, they saw the abdominal grooves which are invisible while hunting. In this way only they used to catch the other hybrid whales in past. They thought it was a finned whale but later on they noticed it was a hybrid whale.

The last blue whale was killed almost forty years ago in Spain due to which hunting whales has been prohibited by Commission of International Whaling while whaling is regulated in Iceland by the government. Peter Richardson, the Head of Marine Conservation confirms it as a rare blue whale by looking at the pictures. He says it was a cruel act; the largest creature on the Earth which is to be protected under international agreements is being killed.

The government of Iceland allows hunting of blue whales for exporting it to Japan which are consumed. The government of Iceland says that they are taking this seriously and investigation is carried out. They are still denying the truth that it was the rare blue whale and the results are still pending for a DNA test.