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Uber Stopped Its Self-Driving Project In Pittsburgh

The taxi service providing giant recently stopped its project of self-driving in Pittsburgh for a temporary period, followed by the crash of its another similar project in the Tempe, Arizona, in March—the company confirms. The company made a statement that they will be terminating the 100 self-driving drivers who monitored the position and operation of the self-driving car. The drivers were kept under the payroll; Uber has suspended its driving test in North America followed by the death march of the 19th crash at Arizona.

Uber is likely to plan and create a new position called mission specialists for both its on-road and track record the details of its autonomous vehicles. A representative of the company said these jobs require more technical knowledge and expertise to the eliminated job positions. The spokesperson added the laid-off workers are most welcome to apply to this position and would be given the priority position; also, they can apply to the non-AV position at the company. The spokesperson made a clear statement that their company is focused towards building a safe self-driving vehicle and would return to the public roads in the near future.

After the incident where a 49-year-old pedestrian was killed due to its Uber’s self-driving test, the Arizona governor reprimanded the company for testing its autonomous vehicle on public roads. Following this, Uber immediately laid off its 300 safety operators in Arizona to shut down its driving operation in the state and rest of the nation. It’s been noticed that Uber is not abandoning its driver but scaling down them after the unfortunate incident.

The three main centers where Uber tested its autonomous vehicle was Toronto, San Francisco, and Pittsburg, as these cities come under the Uber’s Advanced technology Group since September 2016 when it started its testing for the self-driving vehicles.