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YouTube To Now Notify Creators When Their Videos Are Stolen

Original video content creators on YouTube can now breathe easy. According to a recent development, there will be release of a tool shortly by YouTube concerning creators which will allow them to check if their content is being stolen. Each time any video is now uploaded on the site, there will be a scan and search for presence of similar material or content, or if the upload already exists. It has also been specified that the tool will only check for complete videos, and not small clips.

YouTube has named the tool ‘Copyright Match’, which will be released for creators having greater than 100,000 YouTube subscribers, from the next week. There will be a gradual release for other users in the coming months. The creators will receive notifications if their video copies surface on the site. Creators are further empowered to take decisions regarding actions to be taken against the matching video uploader. This includes reaching the user who created the copy, asking YouTube to take down the copy, or even not do anything against the copy. However, to be recognized as original creator, the person needs to be the first one to upload it on the site, and there is a strong possibility that another person takes the video from other sharing sites like Facebook and Vimeo, and uploads the content on YouTube before the original creator. A similar tool in function by YouTube, called ContentID, helps content owners to locate people making use of their matter without prior permission.

Meanwhile, Google has issued an update with regards to its assistant service, wherein a different color will be assigned to different voices available, and the colors will be completely randomized for the voices. The changes will continue to roll out this week for the US users, using English language as option. Prior to this, Google listed its 8 available voices simply as ‘Type1’, ‘Type 2’ and so on. This also is a pretty smart approach to avoid the pitfall of using only female sounding names and voices, such as Siri for Apple and Alexa for Amazon.