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Apple Hired Jaime Waydo, Sr. Self-Driving Engineer From Waymo

Apple has added the senior engineer Jaime Waydo previously working for Waymo unit of Alphabet, in its self-driving car division.

As per her LinkedIn profile, before being the part of Waymo, Waydo was an engineer for a long time at the Jet propulsion laboratory of NASA.

As per the Information reported, she was handling and managing the system engineering division at Waymo, which handles and executes the process to make sure effective working of hardware and software and helped in making important decisions like removing human safety drivers from the test fleet of company In Arizona.

However, Apple has not made any revelation about the planning or the kind of effort they are looking forward to put in the development of self-driving vehicles (cars), although the project was referred as the mother of all Artificial Intelligence Projects, by Tim Cook, CEO, Apple Inc.

There is no move made by the company or any officials which points towards any indication about any product which is related to self-driving cars but there were sure indications about the fact that it has a keen interest in the AI or trending technologies.

Apple has got the permission from the authorized body for testing self-driving cars in California and has released a report about the research that how self-driving cars are able to detect the on-going traffic such as cyclist or pedestrians on the road in a much better and efficient manner.

However, there is no clear indication, but the kind of people Apple has hired or hiring in the existing time, and the approval of testing the self-driven cars on the roads of California are making clear indications, that there is something cooking around; And Apple has definitely looked for to take the leverage of these executives and the AI in recent future.