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New Billionaires Zuckerberg And Bezos Do Not Give Enough Money

If you follow the latest events in the world’s richest men’s competition, you’ll find that Jeff Bezos has taken over the spot of Bill Gates as the richest person, and Mark Zuckerberg took over Warren Buffett. Based on these facts, and the headline on Bloomberg “Mark Zuckerberg surpasses Warren Buffett”, it is quite obvious to start render conclusions about the new economy trends, and if this your thought, keep calm as you can, there is an even more important contest already in action, which is the contest to contribute more money to make the world better.

Bill Gates has so far given 700 Million shares of Microsoft as a donation to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and this has been carried since 1994. If he had simply stopped these actions, today he would have received more than $71 billion, and his own capital would have been $165 Billion, which would have ultimately made him the richest man on the planet.

The same can be said of Warren Buffett, who since 2006 has donated about 290 Million shares of Berkshire Hathaway B, which are owned by the Gates Foundation. As per current valuation, these actions cost about $54 Billion. Adding this to your current net worth of $81.2 Billion, and it turns out that today Buffett’s total valuation would have ended to $135 Billion, excluding his charitable donations. It is much larger than Zuckerberg and very close to Bezos.

Many of the richest billionaires in the world have promised to sacrifice much of their wealth, and most of them have hardly managed to follow it. Buffett and Gates may always do additional but they are presently doing something better than others.

So next time you see or remark about the young billionaires taking over the long-established one, do consider this contribution as well in the overall worth.