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Erdogn Tops Turkish Politics Again With Majority Votes

Recap Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish President sways the crowd again!

It’s been 15 years, and President Erdogan is back at the helm again for another 5 years as the leader of Turkey.

Problems like weak currency and strong opposition from opponent Muharrem Ince were not able to deter his rise to power again. The Supreme Election Board Chief, Sadi Guven made the announcement stating that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had won the election by getting a majority of 97.7% votes.

Erdogan addressed the people from his AKP office balcony in the capital, Ankara. He claims that democracy has won and the country has voted in favor of development, growth, investment, and enrichment that will make the country stand ahead in the world.

Ince, the chief opponent of Erdogan and the leader of the Republican People’s Party who raced a stiff battle against Erdogan, however, could not defeat him.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin has congratulated President Erdogan for his great victory.

There were many who were upset over the re-election of President Erdogan. Complaints regarding poor education system, and unemployment were cited. Women were not respected in the country claim others.

In the presidential vote, 52.2% votes went to Erdogan from 99% votes counted. In the parliamentary voting, his AK party had 42.5 votes along with his MHP allies with 11.1%.

About 90% of people, who account for 59 million people from Turkey, participated in the election. The elections, both parliamentary and presidential took place on the same day. The number of voters, who turned up, was considerably high.

The opposition parties have 5 days to make any complaint against the current elections.

Ince had posted many of his party members to prevent election frauds at polling stations. The election went off without any hitch or voting violations, says Mr. Erdogan.

The Turkish currency, Lira remained firm with expectations of a steady government in the near future.