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Users Can Now Post Longer Videos on Instagram

Instagram, one of the favorite platforms to mingle with the social world, has now initiated a great move to allure the people towards it. Now, the people will be able to upload longer videos on the social media platform, which was not allowed until the latest update.

Previously, the users were allowed to post only brief videos on their pages, which was a restriction of the platform. This didn’t allow Instagram to reach the peak of satisfaction from the clients. However, the latest version will allow creating longer contents, which will definitely be an advantage over the present maximum time frame of 60 seconds.

However, IGTV has not yet declared whether the time limit will include any advertisement or the users need to subscribe to be able to enjoy the same or not.

The videos will be shown in the portrait mode, which is the general way of handling the smartphones. Kevin Systrom also said that the videos have great potential and deserve a better place on the mobile phones.

In response to the present update, Alex Brinnand, a tech expert has also speculated that Instagram is about to dominate the genre of social media in no time. He further mentioned that the real potential of Instagram is yet to be revealed. He is sure that the competitors are worried about the rise of Instagram brought by the positive changes, which may impose a serious threat to them.

Currently, the feed mode can be used to post a 60-second long video, while the stories of Instagram allow a 15-second video, which gets omitted automatically after 24 hours.

Kevin’s motto is to revamp the way people think about the videos that are being played on the PCs, TVs, and other traditional mediums. Hence, he has decided to get over the restrictions and bestow the people, who spend more time in front of the mobile screens, with an extraordinary experience.