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Retirement Not On Cards Yet For Sir Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney is highly satisfied with his profession as music is his passion. Hence, he is not looking forward to retiring any time soon.

He celebrated his 76th birthday the previous month but is still young at heart. His career took a steep flight with Beatles and has been in the genre of music for a long period of time. In spite of the same, he is eager to step ahead in his career, without implementing any pause or stop to the flowing rhythm.

He has been asked several times about his retirement plans but he maintained a strictness regarding his decision. The last time he was asked the similar question, he stated that he had discussed the matter with Willie Hugh Nelson, who is born on 1933 and older than him. He also responded to the retirement plans in a simple manner. According to him, music is not a job to take a retirement. Rather, it is a passion that he is following to give the dreams a perfect dimension.

The HJH or the Hey Jude Hitmaker is about to release the latest studio album in September 2018 in the name of Egypt Station. The last album was released in 2013 in the name of New. However, before initiating the recording, several plans of little gigs are under the sleeves. He further added that he is not sure of the gigs mentioned by him but he will put his endeavor to produce more interesting outcomes.

Paul has an optimistic approach towards his life and believes that people over think about the things which may never happen. He also said that instead of worrying about the hypothetical materials and incidents, he believes in moving forward. This is the only mantra that motivates him and stops him from retiring from the world of music.