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Twitch Wins A Large Live Audience On Video Game Streaming

Bringing gamers together to become a part of a big community has made live streaming of video games most popular.

Twitch, is drawing in more live viewers with almost 3.2 million broadcasters to overtake other television shows. Seeing something unfold in real time is appealing to players.

Fortnite launched by Epic Games has the most number of enthusiastic players that no other game has. Lately, Tyler Blevins streams with celebrity guest Drake has dedicated fans just swarm around. It was watched by a record of more than 600,000 involved viewers. Blevins ream live video-game almost every day on Twitch and considered to be a very good host.

Ninja, played by Mr. Blevins is said to have $500,000 per month just from his Fortnite streaming on Twitch. He has about 250,000 paying subscribers. When he teamed up with Drake, they had an audience of over 667,000 viewers. This is a record for a live stream. The shows are neither pre-recorded nor have they edited games.

People flock to watch spectator streams and for playing to make use of its entertainment value. Players make money from game sales, subscribers and brand deals. Even donations are received. Viewers keep streaming in endless comments, continuously.

Amazon acquired Twitch in 2014. It faces competition from other tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Twitter. Twitch was founded by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear in the year 2011. They showed interest in the platform as they found viewers giving top priority to the livecast video game play.

YouTube Gaming created by Google as a competitive effort, has 272,000 viewers. Though the number of viewers has come down, YouTube claims that its viewership has been going uphill year by year. Ryan Watt, who heads the gaming content, says that the data regarding its low viewership was wrong. It can be accepted only if the data is published, he claims.