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Apple Believes That This 2018 iPhone Model Will Be Trendy

Since the commencement of 2018, we began seeing rumors hinting that Apple might roll out 3 models of iPhone later in 2018. While 2 of them are claimed to feature OLED displays, the 3rd model is claimed to sport a LCD screen. The same handset is claimed to be more affordable in comparison to other two. This is because OLED panels have more price and were one of the huge factors in deciding the cost of iPhone X. And since the LCD iPhone of this year will be more affordable, Apple predicts that it will boost major sales figures this winter and hence it is refurbishing the LCD screen panel manufacturing, as per a media.

Of course the firm has yet not made any news on this. But if rumors are to be considered, the consumers will go for the LCD iPhone since it will have almost the same bunch of functions as the iPhone X at a less cost. It is thought that Apple will be employing the design of iPhone X as the foundation for the 3 next iPhones.

There is difference is LCD and OLED. The OLED displays are recognized to offer better saturation and contrast in comparison to LCD screens. Various OEMs use it on the basis of the device and what consumers need. Some of the OMEs are LG, Samsung, and Apple. The problem is that it costs more to produce OLED screens. For iPhone X, some experts allegedly claimed that the OLED screen in iPhone X has a price tag of almost $100 in comparison to $40 LCD screen employed in iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 8.

On a related note, it was rumored that Apple is aiming to apply a mystifying layer over the LCD panel of the specific model for iPhone. What it will do is essentially not yet reveled. But that thin layer of film sensor is claimed to elevate the cost.