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Positive Sentiments From The Dow And ECB Drives Asia Upwards

Asian markets saw some fresh buying and almost all markets closed in the green on Thursday.

The Nikkei 225 was leading the Asian markets with a 0.87% gain. It closed with a change of 197.53 and ended in the green. The yen traded higher and contributed to the positive sentiment in the market and was almost close to 110 to the dollar.

The Hang Sang Index closed with a 0.81% gain. Though it gained 253.53 points, it saw the second highest gain in percentage next to Nikkei.

The Kospi Index was next in line with a 0.69% gain and a 16.82 point gain in its index.

The ASX 200 from Australia was also in the green with a 0.53% increase in its market. The S&P/ASX 200 closed at 6057.30 to end in the green with 32.20.

The Indian Sensex also surged just above 1% to close at 35,547.13. The Bank Nifty saw a huge jump in the market.

The Shanghai, however, was in the red with a decline of 0.20%. It closed at 3108.98, which was 6.20 points less than the previous close.

Peter Praet, the Chief Economist of the Central Bank, has made statements suggesting that the monthly purchasing program may end, which is said to be 30 billion euro.

The euro took an upturn, sensing a positive note and saw a rise against the dollar. The euro went up from $1.1760 to $1.1822, an increase from the previous day’s close. The euro bond witnessed an overnight selling.  The dollar was also in the green against the yen. It rose from 109.85 yen to 110.05 yen.

Analysts feel that the investors are coming back to the market as they find a positive sentiment in the market. The positive note on Wall Street and ECB remarks has set the wheel in motion towards a positive trend.