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Parrot Has Launched Anafi, A Foldable Drone Inspired From Bumblebee

Current, the domain of drones is ruled by DJI, all credit goes to its series of strong releases which includes, the Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, and Spark. To take on this drone influencer, Parrot, a new drone which hits the market launched in the latter half of last year, is proving to be a worthy choice, with its Bebop 2 Power FPV.


And now, with the new exciting folding design of its drone, Parrot is all set to take on DJI Mavic and make the company start running for their money. On a checklist, it has strikethrough all the points like a compact design, long flight tie and a camera with 4K resolutions which has some innovations incorporated like the ability to capture HDR and zoom lens. Most importantly, the new drone from Parrot named “Anafi” is again a great value for money product like the earlier drones by Parrot.

Earlier, drones do not excite many people, even though, DJI Mavic Pro has hit the market and shook the market upside down with its foldable design. The Anafi is considering to be the first interesting-looking model of a drone people seen in a long time, which is though, not a big surprise because it brands under the same company which has launched the Parrot Disco, a fixed-wing drone.

It is crystal clear, that the new drone Anafi, has got its inspiration from the world of insect, credit goes to the propellers that join in such manner that give the drone a bug-like look, to which Parrot is referring as Head, abdomen, and thorax, just like a bumblebee.

The Anafi can capture still images in a wide mode with clarity up to 21MP, or in a rectilinear mode with 12MP in DNG-RAW and JPEG formats. The full review of the product is still under process, and we hope that it will surprise us.