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eBay Decides Not To Block Australian Customers

eBay, an e-commerce company, has proclaimed that the organization is not planning to block its Australian shoppers to access its international marketplace and websites in response to changes in the way Australia taxes online imports.

Recently, Amazon, the leading rival company of eBay, had announced that it is blocking Australian shoppers to use its US and other overseas sites from July. It had restricted Australian customers to use from July 01, 2018. The company had taken this decision in order to stick to new GST modifications.

As per the new GST modifications, various overseas companies that are registered with the Australian Tax Office will be charged to collect GST on goods, irrespective of the cost.

Australian Government has proclaimed that the recent changes will be beneficial for consumers. Also, they will be creating a level playing field. However, it seems that the critics are not convinced with the same.

Tim MacKinnon, Australia Managing Director, eBay, proclaimed that the company has come up with a solution that will grant access for its Australian consumers to use all eBay sites while capturing the essential GST.

Further, Mr. MacKinnon explained that the company is aware of the fact that the Australian people value the global as well as the local selection. Also, the company will not be turning off the global selection to comply with the tax.

Mr. MacKinnon asserted that the company has developed a system to collect GST from sellers. This GST will be remitted to the Australian Taxation Office.

On a similar note, recently, The Australian Tax Office has announced that the organization has strengthened its rules. This will be achieved by establishing a new national review panel that will consider all decisions made outside legislative timeframes and help in governing how findings of deception or avoidance can be made against taxpayers.