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Tesla Auto Car Does It Again…This Time It’s A Police Car

On Tuesday, a Tesla Model S suddenly crashed into a still police vehicle in Laguna Beach, located to the south of Los Angeles, California. Both the cars have suffered heavy damages.

The car was put into Autopilot or partial self-driving mechanism by driver, a 65 year aged resident of Laguna Niguel city of California. The police officer Sgt. Jim Cota stated that the driver had given a statement that he had been making use of the driver assistance. Sgt. also added that the driver has been recipient of some small injuries. Luckily, the police vehicle was devoid of any occupant, as the police officer was about 100 feet away from the car, while tending to a call.

Sgt. Cota also highlighted that this Tesla Model S has crashed at the same place as one more car from the same company had almost a year before and which also was having Autopilot system on.

Since March, there have been a couple of incidents related to Tesla’s Autopilot system, leading to increased examination and attention regarding Autopilot. A driver had succumbed to death, when the Tesla Model X SUV he was driving with Autopilot on crashed into a safety barricade in California. One more female driver suffered injuries when her Tesla crashed into a still fire truck.

Tesla has released a statement in the aftermath of the recent crash that while making use of the Autopilot, the driver is repeatedly made aware of the fact that they are supposed to maintain their hands on the steering wheel and they should be in charge of their cars continuously. They also added that Tesla has always highlighted that the use of Autopilot does not make the vehicle immune to the crashes and that drivers need to accept the warning that the Autopilot is developed mainly for use on highways.