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PM May Gets Warnings From Major Businesses Over Britain’s Exit From EU

Theresa May is facing a tough time in regards to the exit of Britain from the European Union. A section of the major companies like BMW, BP, Nestle, and Vodafone have warned the Prime Minister that the time is elapsing. They have decided to cut on the investments without offering much clarity on the subject.

A meeting was held in the Downing Street that was highly productive as it openly discussed the concern. Post the meeting the companies demanded that the trade deal with the European Union should be smooth. They also warned regarding depreciating the investment with elevating uncertainty.

ERT or the European Round Table of the Industrialists is an amalgamation of the largest 50 companies of Europe. It has millions of employees and produces revenue of €2.25 trillion which is £2 trillion.  This group comprises Carl-Henric Svanberg, the Chairman of BP along with his Nestle partner Paul Bulcke.

Along with them, the people who have attended the meeting are Royal Mail, Vittorio Colao, and Moya Greene, who are the Chief Executives from Vodafone. The meeting was also attended by David Davis, the Secretary of Brexit, and Theresa May apart from the top officials from the companies like Philips, BMW, Ferrovial, and E.On.

As per ERT, the unrestricted flow of goods is inevitable for both the economies of the UK and EU. The group also sought certainty as well as transparency regarding the same as with the passing time the situation is becoming serious.

However, PM May has ensured the leaders that the similar endeavor is in progress under the 2 custom models. She also emphasized on the futuristic trading systems that will make the transactions as seamless as possible. She has also taken a positive initiative to dissolve the negative vibes between Ireland and Northern Ireland. She has also allowed the UK to enable an independent policy.