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Wales to be The First Country in The U.K. to Ban Smoking

The Government of Wales has proclaimed that the country is about to ban smoking in outside area. It will be extending the smoking ban to the hospital & school grounds and playgrounds. This ban will be implemented by summer 2019 making the country foremost to take such initiative in the U.K.

The Government asserted that the latest move will further guard non-smokers against second-hand smoke hazards. Also, it proclaimed that it will ‘de-normalize’ smoking for kids and the young public.

Vaughan Gething, Health Secretary, proclaimed that Wales proudly continues to be at the forefront of the U.K. in taking action to reduce smoking in the country. Further, he added that the initiative will also prevent young generation from taking it up in the first place.

Gething explained that the government has seen major positive changes to the attitudes towards smoking since 2007. Reportedly, the government had to face some resistance to the change, but soon a remarkable transformation in culture was seen. He added that the government is pleased to announce the extension of its plan of smoke-free areas to outdoor public spaces. He asserted that the extension has received overwhelming support from Wales’s public.

Most of the hospitals already have policies stating no-smoking area in their grounds. However, it is presently tricky for the hospital staff to put it into effect. The new ban policy will make it illegal to smoke in the hospital grounds. The smokers will have to face a penalty for breaking the rules and smoking in the prohibited areas.

On a related note, a recent study conducted by the French Department of Public Health has proclaimed that about 1 Million daily smokers in France have relinquished the habit of smoking in the last year. Authorities credited this huge drop in smoking to the recent anti-smoking measures taken by the country as well as the higher taxes on cigarettes.