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Drone Technology: The Perfect Game Changer For UK’s Economy

Drone Technology is rapidly advancing! The emerging technology could contribute £42bn to the economy of UK and hike the GDP with 2%, with the potential to increase productivity and value creation through data collection. The emerging technology offers significant opportunities to different sectors for economic profits.

PwC performed a survey and stated, increasing use of drones in different sectors will create excellent job opportunities across the UK. The wholesale and the retail trading sectors would be able to grab the best advantages with a hike of 2.5% in GDP. The UK’s Media, Technology & Telecom Sector would witness an increase of 2.1%. Apart from the overall GDP growth, different sectors would be able to save costs and the expected net saving by 2030 is £4.8bn.

PwC research report states, around 6,28,000 people would work in the drone industry and would get engaged in different types of jobs including developing, building, operating and regulating the drones. For the growing consumer needs, drone usage will scale up and the industry would seek professionals to increase the productivity. The research estimates, by 2030 over 76, 000 drones will be in use. And the UK’s public sector would use over 1/3rd drones.

The UK is the land of opportunity for the emerging technology! It is the right time to make investments and kick-start the drone industry. Apart from the investments, it is time to motivate the adoption of drones and accept the technology as the future trend. With perfect business plan considering the human insights, the UK industrial sector has a great opportunity to solve different business and social problems. The UK can take a leading edge with the emerging technology of drones. Drones are no more considered as a toy! Advanced technology and positive mindsets have turned it into a game changer!