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Farming & Food Business Wants To Continue Hiring From EU Post Brexit

A lot of speculations and anticipations are hovering regarding the policies designed by EU and the recruitment factors surrounding it. It made the next headline about the farming & food business, which is seeking confirmation from the government regarding the recruitment of staff from EU post Brexit.

The aforementioned claim was made after the declaration of a manifesto which involved the withdrawal of 100 firms in the industry before sending it to the PM.

The farming industry had previously raised a concern regarding the responsibility of the sector given to the EU as this is a short-lived, seasonal, and flexible segment.

It has further requested the government to release the immigration plans in the white paper on an urgent basis. In response to this, a spokesperson on behalf of the government has also declared that the recruitment will continue with its present pace for the citizens of EU till the end of 2020.

Theresa May, the Prime Minister received the manifesto of Food Supply Chain from Minette Batters, who is the president of National Farmers Union. As per the said notice, a good portion of the nationals of EU should be allowed to continue with the seasonal and permanent labor, regardless of the UK signing off from EU in 2019 March. The document further mentioned that the challenges regarding the employment encountered by the UK needs ensuring the short as well as mid-term labor in order to overcome the recruitment challenges.

Ms. Batters, the president of NFU, explained that Brexit will not prove to be beneficial for the economic, social, and landscape of the country as it has already failed to give importance to the food producers of the UK.

However, in response to the documentation, the government has also declared that the citizens can be recruited till 2020 and will be allowed to stay in the UK in the times to come.