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Infringement Of Patent, Case Between Apple And Samsung Comes To An End

Patents are obtained with hard and dedicated work by several innovative people. When the patent is infringed, a case is filed and courts order a fine through a case hearing.

The case filed by Apple over infringement of its patents, many years back in 2011, has come to an end.  Or is it over?

Samsung has to pay a huge amount of $539 to Apple. Three patent designs and two utility patents were the infringement damages claimed by Apple against Samsung.

Some features that Apple was proud of its iPhone were the black rounded corners in its rectangular box, big screen, zooming out using two fingers, the collar grid, etc.  But when some of these features were infringed, Apple set out to claim damages, as an infringement on its patents.

The case was decided in 2012, and it was big news then, the initial damages were set at $1 billion previously. The District Court in San Jose, US, has been a halfway decision between the mobile phone makers.

Patent infringement should not hinder fair competition and should not deter creativity. The Smartphone revolution by Apple brought in the innovative iPhone and it felt that this hard work by Apple’s team of dedicated workers should not go it vain.

Samsung had by now paid $399 for the patents and will be paying the remaining amount.

Samsung is not happy over the verdict, indicating that they are not going to give up the fight. Some features that are still in contention are the display assembly and the colorful icon grid, which is pulling the argument in either way.

The damages are calculated on the profits earned by the company. These rules will be defining the patent infringement cases in the years to come on other products that will enter the market. How the damages are calculated and the profits are estimated are other factors that that will be considered.