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Nintendo Says “Beware Hacker”, By Banning The Online Service Of Hacker

Nintendo Switch, the most hyped gaming console launched earlier this year, is capable of taking on other existing gaming consoles.

In the newest discussion, it appeared that some of the Nintendo Switch users are getting a notification with a message of being banned from Nintendo after trying to hack into the operating system of the console.

Shiny Quagsire, Nintendo Switch user and a reliable member of Homebrew community of Nintendo Switch gaming console, shared the mess on his Twitter account. He tweeted while attempting to load the eShop of Nintendo Switch; an error message that popped-up on the gaming console stated that Nintendo has currently restricted the use of online services for this account.

The restriction (ban) means that the online gaming, eShop, social media sharing and functionalities of adding friends have been deactivated from the console. However, the news channel and game updates are working as needed.

Shiny Quagsire shares an interesting fact that the specific gaming console which is been banned by Nintendo isn’t the one which had been hacked. With this fact, it is believed that Nintendo has tracked the user account from one gaming console to another and has put a ban effectively on all the devices.

Since then he has been in touch with Nintendo to ask for removing the ban, but there is no good news from Nintendo’s end. The company’s support executive has politely refused the request, referring to the EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) in the process.

The sure shot message which Nintendo wants to spread among the users of gaming console “Nintendo Switch” is not to hack your system or any other system for that matter; but the most interesting thing to see is that Nintendo is taking measures on the issue that has been there for some time now.