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Security Officials See Red in ZTE….Trump Ignores warning

An incident took place at the Miami outlet of the Cheesecake Factory, where a black client was orally hit due to his MAGA hat, which stands for Make America Great Again.

Eugenior Joseph and the family of his girlfriend were dining on Mother’s day at the outlet of the food chain located at the Dadeland Mall. A female staff identified the hat worn by that 22-year-old man and immediately called for her colleagues to charge him for wearing the same. They even surrounded the table to attack him verbally and also pointed fingers at him.

One of the staffs even threatened him to hit his head that will take the hat off him. They didn’t step back from threatening him in every way possible and scare him off. When he started to leave the premises of the outlet with his girlfriend, people greeted, clapped, and shouted at them.

After leaving the restaurant, they found police officers waiting outside. Though the source that called that police officials are not yet clear, they didn’t file any case against the employees.

Footage, as well as the photographs related to the incident, confirms the harassment faced by the man and his girlfriend’s family. They even talked regarding the ordeal with the officers who were present at the site.

After the incident, the authorities of the company confirmed that the same incident won’t get repeated and everyone will be treated equally. They even apologized to him.

The similar incidents were also recorded at the other food outlets regarding the issue of the MAGA hats. However, on the other hand, in Manhattan, a judge has passed a law that gives the bars the right to refuse to serve to the people who they consider from a different political background.

The incidents also echoed in the other food outlets, which are being monitored minutely.