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Wrong Accusation Wins Chiptole Manager Millions In Settlement In Court

A Chipotle veteran Manager, Jeanette Ortiz, who was removed from her position in 2015 in lieu of a wrong accusation, had achieved a win-win situation after a long fight in the court. Fresno County Superior Court has declared that she will be receiving a whopping amount of$8 million as compensation to her mental agony, emotional distress, reputation and loss of remuneration.

She has gone through a tremendous ordeal for three years before the case concluded. She is also the mother of a nine-year-old kid and getting marked as a traitor was extremely shameful as well as embarrassing for her entire family.

As per the attorney of Ortiz, she has been following her duties without any exception and the accusation on the ground of integrity is enough to spoil the entire life. It not only imposes a social threat on the person but also eradicates the slimmest chance to get a decent job.

Paboojian also stated that during her tenure with Chipotle, the Mexican chain of Fast-casual, she used to work for 50 hours a week in the position of the General Manager. This duty fetched her $72,000 each year. However, her promotion was also knocking at the door, when she was fired from her position, hiking her salary to $100,000 a year. The decision was taken by the authority in spite of the fact that she had always delivered exemplary performance during her stay in the company.

She has been wrongly accused of thieving, whereas she had evidence on her side to prove her innocence. The surveillance camera also proves the fact that she had seized the extra amount of money from a fraud and sealed to keep it secure. However, on 3rd January 2015, she had proactively reported the missing of money, which counted against her without any firm proof.

Since she was terminated from her services, she was unable to find any job for her, which fetched her compensation.