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Seattle Govt. In a fix…Calls For A Slow Down

Seattle City Council is currently in an ambiguous position, which is stuck between the capitalist realities and socialist dreams owned by Seattle.

The mayoral veto needs a more powerful force for it to override, which currently has the majority of only five members, who have given a thumbs up to the head tax of $500 per employee, in order to assist the homeless. On the other hand, the council has also discouraged the plan of small head-tax that was primarily designed to relieve Amazon from bestowing the town with 7,000 jobs.

Jacob Vigdor, who is the public policy professor, also said that the governing body is incapable of bestowing a proper justice to the progressive tax. According to him, the purpose of the progressive tax is to offer progress to the homeless people, which is not being accomplished. The situation became graver when Dow Constantine, the King County Executive asked everyone to reduce the pace regarding the same. This may be a hard fact for everyone to digest but was the truth.

Though he is the person who had declared in November 2015 that the situation of the homelessness was depleting every passing day and even said the situation was of a five-alarm state of emergency, his statement has taken a U-turn in 2.5 years.

To be precise, he asked the people to calm down and take a deep breath before considering he further move. Rather he asked everyone to consider the activities that can be done in a united way.

However, he has a point that needs serious consideration as the city is getting obsessed with the taxing issues than giving proper shelter to the homeless people.

Dick Hedreen, a big hotel constructer recently suggested the Mayor of Seattle through a letter that the debt-financing can be used to make the assets more affordable. This process is opted by the private sectors and also produces prompt results.