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Google Adding AI And Upgrade Its News Service To Fight Fake News

Google in its I/O conference on Tuesday announced that it will update its “Google News Service”.

The updated version of news site incorporated the AI feature, which creates customized news feeds as per the user’s interest and makes it simple to subscribe to various publishers. The upgrade is an outcome of an event that the tech giants like Google are under an accusation of endorsing fake news and hampering the business model of traditional news publishers.

On Tuesday, Google declared the steps which are designed to ensure things to stay in a legitimate fashion. The upgrade in the News service allows the users to get access to stories from credible news sources easily and can easily subscribe to various credible publications.

With the introduction of AI in the updated services, Google will automatically showcase the stories it considers users will be looking forward to by analyzing users’ behavior. Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google, said: “We are utilizing the AI to bring the best on the table that the Journalism has to provide.” He further added, “We wish to provide users the best quality sources and relevant news publication they trust.”

The updated version of services is scheduled to roll out in 127 nations on Tuesday; it will provide a customized experience of the news feed for every user, depending on the interest and location of the visitor. On the top, the user will see the top 5 most relevant news articles.

Head of News product and engineering, Trystan Upstill, Google, said, “The system works very creatively.” The service is designed specifically to become more fine-tuned with the users’ interest over the period. “The more, the merrier,” he further added.

Google News is publicizing “detail coverage” of the subject and simple ways to subscribe. The updates service will as well provide users with an overview of Top headlines “Hot and trending” from all around the world, which is not just of the personal interest of any specific user. And the update is designed in a manner that it will make a catalog of articles on a similar subject.