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Whole Foods Face Flak For Their Restaurant ‘Yellow Fever’

A new restaurant in the name of Yellow Fever was inaugurated in the 365 store of Whole Foods in Long Beach, California. This fetched a huge number of negative reactions from the social media platforms.

The opening of the huge grocery chain was announced through the Tweeting platform along with a picture of the Asian restaurant. Previously, it was an independent company but clubbed with the Whole Foods so it can find an opening at the aforementioned location. After the controversy arose, there was no one available on behalf of Yellow Fever to comment on the same.

The co-owner of the Yellow Fever, Kelly Kim is from South Korea and has acted as a representative of the company in 2017 while facing an interview with Next Shark. She elaborated the meaning behind the term used for the joint.

She had stated that the concept was adapted to give the joint an innovative name. The words like Bamboo, Golden, and Lotus were mundane and didn’t impress her or the other people associated with the company. After the current name was proposed, it struck the entire committee and was finalized without any further ado.

In spite of the innovation and positive approach, the organization was bombarded with countless comments that criticized about the name of the restaurant as well as the decision of Whole Foods to amalgamate the restaurant with the store. People are even blaming the joint for overlooking the mistake which has been realized immediately by hundreds of people.

Apart from the store with Whole Foods, Yellow Fever also has two outlets in separate locations in California.

Even amongst all the negativity, the expectations surrounding the food joint is high. Kim also said that the name reflects the love for Asian food, people as well as the culture rather than spiking any negative feelings.