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Microsoft Has Nothing To Conceal About Information Gathering In India

Microsoft joined forces with Indian executives at the time of elections and observed movements at polling booths, a representative of the worldwide tech behemoth has claimed. He further asserted that the firm is transparent about the gathering of data operated on its portals.

The executive claimed that the privacy policies of the company assisted users keep their data in their control as well as private.

“Election executives in India have employed our Cloud platforms and productivity for running and collaboration of the election procedure, comprising observing of movements at polling booths. Our users—the relevant departments of the government—have all data associated to the procedures they control on our portals,” a spokesperson of Microsoft claimed to the media in an interview.

The spokesperson did not state in which election the company joined hands with the Indian executives.

Microsoft was answering to a query on its policy related to 3rd-party employment of privacy, data, and data protection at the rear of controversy comprising Cambridge Analytica and Facebook.

The spokesperson claimed that Microsoft was translucent about information collection and allows consumers to make informed moves.

“We make our practices and policies accessible and clear to everybody,” the executive claimed.

The study lab of the Washington-located company spearheaded by Satya Nadella also put out a declaration stating the policies comprise “how we protect data; where we manage and amass it; how we remove data; who can authorize user information and on what conditions; how we answer to government requests on information and how we assist users meet fulfillment needs”.

The spokesperson claimed that the processes and privacy policies of the company assisted users keep their data in their control and private.

“We do not employ chat, email, files or other personal material of the users to target marketing practices on them,” claimed the spokesperson.